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Patient Demographics

ACRC has staff members who are dedicated to patient recruitment, utilizing multi-media advertising, extensive databases, specialized community events, and public health education opportunities to ensure top study enrollments. In addition, we have established a highly effective Hispanic patient recruitment program.

Tucson, Arizona (located in Pima County, southeast Arizona; 110 miles south of Phoenix) is a highly diverse community with extensive populations of study subjects including seniors, college students and minority groups. Our comprehensive in-house patient volunteer database is continually expanding, providing a solid base for patient recruitment, enabling consistently successful study enrollment.


City of Tucson:

Pima County:


Demographic Breakdown:

White: 78.7%
Hispanic Origin (of any race): 24.5%
Black: 3.1%
Asian: 3.1%
American Indian: 1.8%
Other: 13.3%

Age as % of total population:
median age: 32.8 years

Income level as % of total population:
median income: $33,959

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